Seeds for the Soul


Why is everything wrong in my life?

1. Identify what is happening inside of you. In a notebook keep a running tab of each thing that comes up for you in your specific case, according to your situation.

            a. Specify the problem.

                Example: I was fired from the company I worked for and am now unemployed and broke.

           b. Identify the emotion.

               Example: Fear of the future.

           c. Identify the feeling.

               Example: I feel that my life is falling apart.

           d. Identify the thought (each person may have a different thought depending on their situation).

               Example: I won’t be able to get ahead without that job. I don’t know what other type of work I could do.

           e. Identify the belief.

               Example: When I don’t have money, I’m unhappy, I’m nobody.

2. Experience all these thoughts, feelings and emotions in your heart to the limit; in other words, intensify them. Do not feel afraid of the pain this will cause

3. Focus all your attention on the source of this pain.

4. Now take all these thoughts, feelings and emotions and try to perceive them as if they were not your own. Imagine all this is happening on a movie screen, and that you are just watching from your seat, without getting involved or engaged with what is happening. Simply observe things as they flow and unfold. In this way, you will begin to disassociate yourself from the pain, and you will see that all those thoughts were only created by your mind, which is contaminated by your ego. Allow this creation of your mind to disintegrate, to disappear; release it and let it go. Understand that you are not that feeling or that emotion; you are not that pain. Simply observe it and let it disintegrate. The only way you can get someone out of your life is by seeing that person as he or she truly is, and not by the way you have created him or her in your mind. At that moment you will see the truth because you will be able to understand what is really happening, and once this occurs, the other person will be out of your life for good.

5. Starting today, each time a destructive thought enters your mind, replace it with its positive counterpart using a verbal affirmation. Allow this new thought to emanate freely from your heart based on love, rather than fear. For example: “I am grateful for the simple and beautiful things I have at this moment. I am a being made of light, love and abundance. The Universe has unlimited possibilities for me.” Repeat this out loud three times whenever this negative thought comes to your mind.

6. Set aside some time to fearlessly think about your short-term goals and objectives. Imagine the type of job you would like to have and the different sources of income that could be available to you. There is a full range of possibilities for you out there; all you need to do is explore your talents, abilities and knowledge.

7. On a sheet of paper draw all the things you would like to achieve, and map out an action plan with short-term goals in chronological order.

8. Visualize what you would like to achieve (later on we will discuss the technique of creative visualization in more detail). Feel it, experience it and live it with all your senses, as if you had already achieved it. Close your eyes and make a vivid image of it. Imagine the things you would do, once you have it. Picture that day, your family, your friends, your physical environment, etc..

To explore this topic you can consult the book I love you…but I’m happy without you.