The diet of Papá Jaime

There are numerous different types of diet and thousands of exercises designed to keep our bodies in shape. Staying in shape is very important because if the body is well, the mind will tend to be so too and vice versa. But as well as the body and mind we must also nurture the spirit because through its growth we may find joy and love in all that we do and enjoy every moment to the full. This then allows us to grow, transcend and leave a mark.

For this reason I invite you to practice the following exercise, which will remove toxins from your body, develop your willpower (the most useful tool for exercising your mind and your thoughts) and strengthen your spirit, thus achieving harmony between body, mind and spirit. This exercise will also give you the opportunity to become conscious and to acquire the habit of self-observation, through which you may truly know yourself. 


The exercise involves fasting for 24 hours and drinking nothing but water. When you make the decision to carry out this fast, eat a small meal slowly the previous evening. When you wake in the morning drink a glass of water, feeling how it glides down to your stomach and how your body begins to purify itself. From when you begin the fast carefully observe the little voice inside you that will tell you not to carry on, that what you are doing is too difficult. That little voice will be the greatest challenge to the successful completion of this exercise. The voice, when you decide to begin, will probably tell you before you get up that morning: “You're OK, you have a lot of willpower, you don't need to go through with this, stay in bed”. If this happens, immediately replace these thoughts with affirmations and positive thoughts, and continue the exercise. 

On the day of fasting, get up an hour earlier than you would do normally and prepare a breakfast that you will share with someone in the street: a child, a beggar, an old person or the security guard for your street or residential complex. The first phase, as well as sharing your time and your breakfast with that person, is to learn to listen without judging, since when you do so you enter that person's heart and can inspire them to change. Probably, after a while of fasting, your inner voice will tell you that you are tired, weak and that your head hurts; but do not listen to it, for it is simply your ego looking for recognition because it does not want to lose its control over your life. Repeat this gesture at lunch and dinner, and at breakfast the following day, to complete the full cycle of 24 hours.


When, thanks to self-observation, you begin to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, your feelings will immediately become positive as well. This will increase your strength and wellbeing, giving you fullness of life, happiness, hope, and will take you to a superior level of consciousness where inner peace, love and harmony reign.

Lastly, remember that you will never be able to control or manage what you are not conscious of, but that through self-observation you may become fully conscious and learn to control, change and manage whatever limits you and  makes you suffer. At that moment you will realise that feelings come from inside rather than outside you, and that you can change what you hold inside but not exterior reality, or events, or people around you, and indeed any attempt to do so is a waste of your energy.