Spiritual Regeneration

Based on the SER® Methodology


This is a simple and powerful system based on the awakening of consciousness, created to allow people to transform their lives on the premise that what matters is BEING so as to then 'do' and finally 'have'. Its effectiveness has been proven in people of different ages, cultures and social origin in the 40 years that Jaime Jaramillo, Papá Jaime, has been working with people who have managed to break patterns and wake up to a new reality filled with plenitude, peace and consciousness for themselves and others.

Who is it for?

Spiritual Regeneration is designed for different people and interest groups who share the goal of prioritising the development of BEING, taking it as the backbone of an organization to create a family, social and business impact in the world.

Team of Facilitators


This programme has been designed to be taught by a certified team or by Papá Jaime himself through modular workshops that are tailored to each specific requirement.



How does it work?

Spiritual Regeneration® is composed of four levels of deepening work, each consisting of two modules. Each level consists of theoretical and practical content, in which participants undertake specific tasks that allow them to measure their growth.


What does each module consist of?

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Inspirational Examples


Through the road to awakening of thousands of people who Papá Jaime has helped, we delighted to witness the transformation of all those who now shine with their love and who have become an inspiration and example to so many. To them we dedicate this space to continue inspiring hearts. If you are one of them, send us your story and allows others to be elevated by your experience.