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How to help my son with his addiction?

We have tried admitting him to clinics and centres but he always ends up escaping. What can we do?

The first thing that you must do is to help and inspire your son to become aware that he has a problem, because otherwise any effort you make as family will be in vain. To do this I suggest that you get my CD and book Back to Basics.

The idea is that you carefully examine the way in which you have educated your son, since as parents we often believe that we have been doing everything right but we make a lot of mistakes. With this book you will be able to ask yourselves the right questions and explore many ideas that will help you to see the light and not waste your time in blame, regret and suffering, for such feelings will not aid this process.

As for your loved one, the idea is that he should listen to the CD for at least 21 consecutive days, at night, preferably with headphones. It doesn’t matter if he falls asleep, because it has quadriaural techniques and neuro-subliminal programming. This CD has helped many people become aware of their problem and want to change.

Once your son has really made the decision to change, he will take the appropriate steps on his own. It is important that through this process you remain by your son’s side without judging or criticizing him, just supporting him and giving him all your love.

Starting from today, begin to really listen to your son. When you listen with patience and love, without judging, you enter the heart of your loved one and you may inspire and motivate him to change. The most important thing is open dialogue, not concentrating all you energy in strengthening your loved one’s defects. Negative dialogue (‘you’re useless, irresponsible, a good-for-nothing’, etc.) is counterproductive because it will make him believe he is so and drive him further into his problem. You must also constantly check how you speak to your son and seek to spend time alone with him, preferably in nature, exercising, walking, away from mobiles, telephones and televisions.