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Retreat Mount Shasta The magic is in you


The first step to healing is to love yourself

Mount Shasta, with all its mystery and charm will be our next destination from June 10 to 16. In this enigmatic volcano of more than 4318 meters, located in the mountainous massif of Sierra Nevada in Califormia, you will find one of the most powerful energy’s vortices in the world, considered as the root chakra of the earth. This means that it is the basis of the energy system of Mother Earth, which is perfectly aligned with the astrological constellations.

During these 7 days of mystical and profound immersion in this sacred place, you will be able to experience the power of the healing mountain within you, making the transforming and healing magic of love wake up, managing to materialize the most incredible things and reaching the unimaginable. This is a call from the legendary magic mountain, for all those who want to enter a new energetic dimension, in an awakening of real cosmic consciousness and in a new dimensional portal with the highest frequency that exists: love.

During these unforgettable days, in this crystal city of the 7 rays, as many call it, we will experience the time, gravity, magnetism and divine energy of the cosmos at its best, which will propel your DNA to be reformatted and healed nuclearly, since this interdimensional layer will vibrate within you in such a high way that you will manage to transform and manage your emotions correctly.

This is going to be a sensory experience of a high vibrational and luminous frequency, where you can understand that the disease is the product of thinking incorrectly, erroneously or spitefully, and you can generate an incredible amount of serotonin, dopamine and all those hormones and neurotransmitters that are the source of joy and happiness, which will help you through neurogenesis and brain neuroplasticity, in order to heal. It is proven that the same force you need to create through your thoughts a disease , you can use it to uncreat it and heal. In short, this experience is a spiritual awakening, resonating from our inner world, with the harmony of the universe.

Remember that you have the power to heal yourself and, through your choices, create the reality you want for your life, and this is your great opportunity to achieve it.


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