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As an international speaker, Papá Jaime has inspired thousands of people and advised government bodies in the creation of foundations and NGOs, as well as many CEOs, opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, young people and children around the world.

The programmes Papá Jaime has developed are unique in the field of the management of 'being' and have brought real results to a large number of companies in the world, affecting the inner balance of employees, resulting in an improvement in teamwork, professional relationships and commitment to the company.

International Speaker


The programmes taught by Jaime Jaramillo, Papá Jaime, help us to rediscover the strength that lies within us, which when properly focused enables us to know ourselves, grow, transcend and leave a mark. Each of Papá Jaime's programmes leads to a high-impact inner experience that brings about permanent changes in the participants, who in making such changes become a source of inspiration to motivate and lead others, resulting in an efficient teamwork to achieve the goals set by companies.

Companies and individuals worldwide hire Papá Jaime to work with small groups or for large events.



The programmes serve to:

  • Guide individual or group processes.
  • Motivate and raise awareness.
  • Reduce stress and release people's fears
  • Resolve conflicts and addictions (drug addiction, alcoholism)
  • Improve relationships between employees and improve the organizational environment.
  • Improve relationships between parents and children.
  • Align personal dreams with the vision of the company to generate a sense of belonging.
  • Inspire dreams in teenagers and reduce violence.
  • Any need related to the improvement of BEING.


We work with: 


  • Private and/or public companies and institutions.
  • Educational and social institutions.
  • Business leaders and/or decision makers.
  • Individuals.


You can choose your programme according to the requirements of the group or company:

Events open to the public


Are you seeking to rediscover your life and find true meaning?

In order to continue to expand on your spiritual path and move towards real inner change, you can choose from the different alternatives offered by Papá Jaime's events.


Through the themes developed in the different programmes you will enter into processes that lead you too personal and spiritual evolution. Search for the country where you want to attend one of our retreats or conferences.