Papá Jaime's message also reaches the world through his books and CDs, inviting you to experience life from another perspective.

"Life is wonderful, full of magic, colour, adventure, innovation and change, but for some strange reason human beings, who could be happy, choose to be unhappy. This is why living life to the fullest is a divine art, it must be cultivated from within, so that you can reap fruits full of peace, unconditional love and boundless joy. "

Extract from the book Living Loving Dreaming by Jaime Jaramillo.



In Papá Jaime's books you will find his philosophy of life and the cornerstone of the path to true awakening so that you may live from your being and from the call of your heart, and not from the patterns imposed on you by society, culture or any system belief. Each book is an invitation to cultivate spirituality through action in your life.



Tune into real life stories that will take you to other magical worlds of inspiration and gratitude. Approach meditation in a guided and simple way to build the habit of entering your silence and rediscovering your inner peace. All this, guided by Papá Jaime, accompanied by natural and unique sounds that will transport your inner greatness.

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