The great gestures of love that Papá Jaime has performed for humanity have brought him international renown and made him and focus of interest for various media.

Papá Jaime spreads his universal message across different media with articles, editorial columns and campaigns that encourage service and unconditional love. He has also been interviewed by many international media that are great promoters of his work. Here you will find the most important and recent editorials.

Magazines & Newspapers


In his career as a social leader, Papá Jaime has contributed to national and international newspapers and magazines, sharing his life story and his message of peace with the world. Here you will find articles written by him and interviews he has given to different media.

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July, 15 2016

La estrategia de Hubert

Artículo publicado por periódico El Tiempo, marzo 1999.

July, 14 2016

La misión de Papá Jaime

Publicación en la revista Selecciones del año 1992. 

July, 14 2016

Personaje de BBC Londres

Artículo publicado por el periódico Vanguardia en 1991. 

July, 12 2016

Amar en libertad

Artículo escrito por Papá Jaime para la revista Pyme.

July, 11 2016

Libérate y sé feliz

Artículo escrito por Papá Jaime para la revista Aló. 

July, 11 2016

El servicio amoroso

Columna escrita por Papá Jaime para la Revista Pyme.



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Serving with love

Tribute to Papá Jaime from Messages that Ignite.

We all have a gift with which we can lovingly serve others. Papá Jaime has been a source of inspiration for others to help those who need it most, without expecting anything in return.



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Hot News


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August, 10 2016

From the streets of Bogotá to Mexico

Former street dweller accompanies Papá Jaime to the MAP - LIFE 2016 Convention in Mexico, to fulfil one of his dreams.

April, 08 2019

Return to your divine essence in Indonesia


During 9 days in Indonesia the group that traveled with Papa jaime lived an unforgettable experience.

January, 01 1970

Papá Jaime honoured

In Miranda, Cauca, in May, in front of an audience of 1000 people, Papá Jaime received an unexpected award.

January, 01 1970

On tour around Valle del Cauca

Papá Jaime toured 7 cities, and touched more than 3,000 hearts with his lecture series "Back to Basics".