Never, ever stop dreaming

This sentence has three keys to make your dreams come true.

1. Never, ever stop dreaming. Dream as if you were to live forever. Live and enjoy your loving actions and choices as if you were going to die today. He who just once, may fail, perhaps, but he who never tries has already failed. Seneca wisely said: “It is not that we don’t dare because things are difficult; it is that things are difficult because we don’t dare.”  Be aware of the moment when you stop dreaming, because that means that you are dying. 

2. Give your imagination wings. If you do not cultivate your imagination, it is as if you had wings but could not fly. Use all the creative power of your imagination and let your subconscious follow the necessary procedures to attain those dreams. When you sink into daily routines, life goes by without you even noticing.        


3.Give your dreams a landing gear through immediate action. If you walk without knowing where you are going, you generally get where you wouldn’t have wanted to go. If you don’t know exactly what you want, how you want it and where you want to go, how do you hope to achieve your goals? If you vision is cloudy, you can’t hit the target. 

Each step in the search of your dreams should give you so much clarity that you can contemplate them as if they were already real. Then you can be sure to reach your destiny. Don’t limit yourself to thinking what you want. Design an action plan with clear short term goals and objectives and never put them off. Don’t let your dreams turn into nightmares because of your lack of activity, because of just thinking and talking instead of acting on time. Look at what makes you frustrated or upset right now: having let life go by thinking about that dream that you were going to make come true but never did, perhaps because you were living the dreams of others instead of yours? If you plan and manage time well, there will be enough of it for other activities. There is a big difference between knowing the way and taking it; between thinking and acting.