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During 2 unforgettable days Papa Jaime will give participants simple daily tools to help them experience a deep transformation of their inner self, which will bring harmony to their body, mind and spirit, and this way they will be freed from the limiting chains that bind them, and repossess the essence of existence appreciating the simple things of life. This change will help them discover the potential that lives in their hearts, encouraging them to take control of their own lives, through spiritual and transcendental growth leaving a trace on humanity.  


  1. Management of positive thinking.

“Not even your worst enemies can harm you as much as your own thoughts.”

The mind can have many different thoughts, some can be based on love, and others on fear. This is entirely for us to decide which kind of thoughts we want to nurture and which we want to tear out by the roots.

  1. The power of a loving word.

“It is not what comes into the mouth that contaminates, it is what comes out. When the heart is disturbed, the results are destructive words.”

To appreciate healthy and constructive relationships with the people we love and are constantly around us, we need to know and feed our inner nature with the right words.

  1.    Freedom from judging.

‘It doesn’t matter what is said about you, what matters is what you say about yourself on a daily basis”

Stop judging people by their external appearances. Care about their inner self and the fruits they can give or have given, and learn to live life without caring of what others think of you.

  1. Breaking the chains.

‘Every effort made to cling on to something or someone weakens us.”

To be able to live in total harmony with ourselves we must learn not to cling on to other people, set ideas or material possessions because everything we cling on to will be gone sooner or later and we will feel we can no longer be happy without them.

  1.       Healing your soul wounds.

“Forgiving is not forgetting, it’s simply remembering without pain or resentment.”

If we let anger, fear, guilt and hate obscure our hearts, our lives will be affected in such a way that we will lose our inner peace. This is why we should liberate ourselves from the resentment that we store up in our hearts. Forgiveness is not a gift that we bestow upon others it’s a present that we give to ourselves.

  1. Giving wings to our imagination.

 “Never ever stop dreaming”

Our dreams are like seeds that we reap with love and dedication. To be able to realize our dreams we need to persevere, dedicate ourselves, be patient, have faith, love and passion.

  1. The importance of giving without expecting anything in return.

“There is no one in the world that is so poor that he cannot give or so rich that he cannot receive.”

We must learn to awaken the wizard that lives within, so we can find the magic of serving others and share with them our spiritual wealth, that spirit that nourishes itself by serving others, can overflow with joy and vibrate with peace and happiness.

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