Act and Serve


The magic of performing acts of love



When you perform an act of love without hoping for anything in return, that is to say without expectation, you being to feel deep and indescribable transformations inside you, and these will have a joyful and positive impact in your heart, making fear disappear and real love appear: universal love, which will lead you to find and discover your true inner peace. Once you find this peace you will be able to appreciate, enjoy and share it, as well as inspiring and motivating others so that they too may feel it in their hearts, and so you will become an agent of change and a dynamic promoter of world peace.


What is an act of love?


It is any action you perform with the intention of protecting, improving, helping or unconditionally serving any human being, defenceless animal or the environment around you. It is giving without expecting to receive for the simple act of giving. It is giving free rein to your imagination and creativity to make your surroundings a more beautiful place where peace, love and happiness reign.



What happens inside you when you become aware of performing daily acts of love?


You begin to think, speak and act with love. You stop judging, criticising, slandering, playing the role of victim or torturer, remaining isolated or indifferent and you begin to reflect deeply on what you can do in your own small way to make the world a better place. These acts of love, however small and simple, can affect and revive a heart frozen by fear or smothered by suffering. This is the alchemy, this is the magic that transforms hopelessness and frustration into energy, excitement, hope and a burning desire to live, love and dream.

For this great challenge the only things you will need are hands to serve, an open heart to feel love and compassion and the dream of becoming a true, legitimate and genuine magician of love.


How will we perform these acts of love?


Over Christmas our hearts generally awaken and are much more sensitive to giving and helping others. But after this period passes we go back to our usual ways, in which apathy, coldness, intolerance and indifference become our permanent allies. As such, my intention with this campaign is that these temporary acts of love which we perform for others over Christmas should become an integral and permanent part of our daily life. For this to happen, we must first perform these acts of love for 21 consecutive days, to create the habit of doing so. When we achieve this we will do things with so much love, so much happiness and so much peace that we will not find another way to do things and to live our lives.


How can I take part?


By clicking on the image below you you will find an easy guide that contains the 21 acts of love, with which you can add magic to your life.


Haz clic aquí para ver los 21 actos de amor.


You can also visit Papá Jaime's YouTube channel where you will find 21 inspirational videos, each guided by him, with which you will fully enjoy the magic of performing acts of love. Every day has a different theme and a special message that will inspire you to action.




People around the world have been inspired by this campaign and have made it their lifestyle. Here are some of the stories of people who have transformed, with actions full of love, the lives of others.

If you want to share your act of love with Papá Jaime, you can do so using the contact form. Do not forget to name your story.




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