International Speaker


The magic of action

Get out of the comfort zone


This is an experience through which the importance of taking action and making real change is discovered, since a goal without action is merely an illusion. This is a vehicle to get out of the comfort zone where fear stops us taking action. The sense of purpose of this conference is to invite attendees to pure action, through a simple guide which enables them to rediscover the inner magician which is in each one of them and become drivers of change in their own life and subsequently in the world.



  • 2-hour conference.
  • 4-hour workshop.



Participants will:

  • Set out their ideas and express them to the world.
  • Find in action the way to give without expecting anything in return.
  • Become drivers of change within their community, family or organisation.
  • Become a source of inspiration for others to be leaders of change in the world.
  • Become a living example of a daily act of love.

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