Seeds for the Soul


How to love without attachments?

Our numerous beliefs can be camouflaged in various ways. We acquire them through cultural, social, political, intellectual and religious ideas. Some of them inspire us and encourage us to enjoy life, but most of our beliefs are based on worry and fear. These are the ones we must identify in order to replace them and free ourselves from their hold.

These beliefs, contaminated by fear, found their way to you from the time you were in your mother’s womb, through her own fears. This is why there are so many beliefs that manage and limit your life; they make you suffer, but you do not even realize they exist because ever since you came into this world, you have been taught to live in a mechanical way. When you begin to live like a robot that follows all the orders it is given, you lose your ability to discern and to think for yourself. As a result, you are no longer responsible for your actions or feelings because the responsibility will be assumed by the masses,the culture, the religion, the politics, etc.

Beliefs are created by the selfish interests of certain people, movements, parties, religions, etc., which lead entire groups to partake in their ideas and actions. When they are unconscious, people follow the conditionings of the masses because they believe that is the right thing to do; that way they won’t have to feel responsible for their own actions.