How many of us live in fear searching for approval?

How does a chicken manage to lay an egg? First it goes around in circles, then it starts to peck and finally, it lays the egg in any hole in the chicken coop; it starts to cackle, it abandons its egg and then someone comes along and takes it away. Contrary to the chicken, the imperial eagle lays its eggs on the peaks of mountains and never neglects them. Having pointed out this eloquent difference, allow me to offer the following story adapted from other stories.

The legend says that a Lakota Indian climbed the highest peak where only the eagles live, and stole one of the eggs. He took it to the camp and placed it in a chicken’s nest. When the chicken saw it, sat on it and took care of it together with her own. Finally the chicks hatched together with the eagle chick. Everybody made fun of the little eagle because she was so skinny, wrinkled and slow, while her siblings were fast, smooth and lovely. Time passed and the eaglet learned to flap its wings and express herself like the chickens. It ate corn, and hopped from side to side, trying to fly with its retracted wings.

One day a voice of alert was heard in the chicken coop because a chicken hawk that always ate one of the baby chicks, was coming. Everybody fled in fear and hid in the hollow trunk of a tree. But unfortunately, the young eaglet couldn’t hide because she was too big for such a small hiding place. Fearfully, she looked at the chicken hawk and begged him to spare her life, telling him that she was a good chick. The astounded chicken hawk said: “What are you talking about? You are no chick. Are you crazy? Look at your wings and your body. You are a royal eagle, and with one blow you could kill me”. 

As the eagle didn’t understand, the chicken hawk added: “Do you see that bird that flies majestically over the highest peaks, where no one else can go? Well, that is an imperial eagle, like you are”. The eagle, astonished, could not believe what he heard, so the chicken hawk took her to the pond and said: “Look at yourself in the water and you will see that your wings and your body are not like the chickens’ that you live with as if they were your family. The time has come for you to spread your wings and fly”. With great pain and misgivings, the eagle tried to move its wings, and after hopping around, it started to soar through the air, climbing higher and higher until it reached the inaccessible peaks.

How many of us live in fear and rancor, searching for approval, worried about what others will say? How many have lived like the chicken, even knowing that if the become aware and choose to fly they could go as far as the eagle, where they never thought possible to arrive? A lot of strength is not necessary to accomplish things, but a great effort of the will is necessary to make the decision to act immediately, by conviction.

How many abandon their dream, just like the chicken leaves its egg behind and afterwards, when someone else claims it and gets good results, say: “He stole my idea”, “The idea was mine, and some one took it away”, “That one copied my fabulous project”.