International Speaker


Listen to the voice of your heart

From fear to love.


Through stories of real events and practical exercises, participants will go on a unique and unforgettable journey into their hearts, where each will connect with their divine essence, which is love. Through self-observation, participants learn to identify the two options that always exist: fear or love. They are guided so that they can learn to make decisions in love, not in fear, thereby enabling them to have more balanced lives and better relationships with others.



  • 2-hour conference.
  • 4-hour workshop.



Participants will:

  • Learn to distinguish between the voice of their mind and the voice of their heart.
  • Take assertive decisions out of love, not fear.
  • Identify the ways in which fear is camouflaged, creating veils that prevent them from seeing.
  • Learn to dive into the depths of their heart, from where they can come to experience the love that emanates from them.

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