Liderazgo Papá Jaime


Founded in 1998, Papá Jaime Leadership is the company through which Jaime Jaramillo decided to impart his universal message by way of lectures, workshops, retreats, books and audio. These products and services are the culmination of his more than 40 years' experience working with people from diverse backgrounds and today it has been brought to more than 40 countries worldwide.

It is a response to the social problems Jaime Jaramillo has faced in his work, through which he has touched thousands of people, helping them out of the darkness and into the light. Not only has he rescued persons deprived of love, family, education or any opportunity; these people were unrooted in civil society, living on the streets and they managed to recover from their addictions, experience a process of transformation and witness the power of love, creating a different inner reality which is reflected in their lives. From this 'human laboratory,' which brought about real and lasting change, Papá Jaime created a simple and powerful way for people to find the path to enlightenment through a human transformation system called the Being Methodology.

Mission: To develop individual and collective consciousness through love, so that all those who come into contact with their hearts find their own inner peace and shine with their own light, becoming inspirational individuals and channels of peace around the world, thus transcending and leaving their mark.


Who are our target groups:


  • Any group, corporation, private or public institution or social organization whose priority is investment in members of their organizations.
  • Any educational institution, for they have a social responsibility in as much as this is where the development of BEING is initiated and nurtured,
  • Anyone who wishes to develop and strengthen their leadership skills through BEING.
  • Anyone who wishes to be a better and happier human being.


World Presence


Leadership Papá Jaime has made an impact on multinational companies, international organizations, educational institutions and the public sector.

Our Clients