Seeds for the Soul


Is meditation forbidden?

It is important to understand that meditation is a gift we are all born with. You have the power to develop and implement it according to your needs. The problem arises when we are taught to “grow up,” “to avoid behaving childishly,” to not be amazed by things, and to remain within rigid and absurd boundaries. These strict rules of behavior cause us to lose focus and put aside the natural meditative state we had as children.

Throughout my travels, whenever I have had the opportunity to share my experiences, I have talked about the issue of suffering as a result of our attachments, and have recommended meditation as a natural and simple tool that has existed since the beginning of time in order to transcend this pain. This sometimes generates controversy, especially among some fanatics of certain religions or cultures that have a very limited vision due to their belief systems or religious ideology.

Many people believe they have come to this world to suffer, and their religions reaffirm this. The truth is that God brought you to this world to be happy and to share your love and inner peace with those that surround you. The only way to transcend suffering is through meditation, because it helps you to become a true witness of what is happening in your inner world. In the same way that rays of light illuminate your external world, meditation will illuminate and brighten your wonderful inner world where love rules and where your soul resides.

Our search is driven by the great sense of emptiness and anxiety that is produced by focusing all our energies on owning, having and manipulating. Western cultures are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits that meditation can bring them, and for this reason many people have begun to include it in their daily lives.

You have probably heard about meditation before but may not have been attracted to it for different reasons. On the one hand, we have been told that it has something to do with religion and that its practice is not well looked upon, or they tell us that meditation is something only Buddhists or people in the Far East practice and that it is foreign to our culture. At some point we may have also watched people reciting mantras in very strange, uncomfortable and absurd positions for reasons that we cannot comprehend, so thus we mock and make fun of them.

I would like to make it very clear that meditation has nothing to do with the type of religion, belief or denomination you espouse. It makes no difference whether or not you believe in God or that the soul exists or that there is life after death. The only thing that is certain is that you exist, and meditation is simply the key to gain access to your inner self so that you will be able to connect with the depths of your soul and to fully and lovingly enjoy your journey in life.

I invite you to give yourself the opportunity to develop this natural ability, to incorporate it into your lifestyle and use it not only one hour a day or at dawn when your consciousness is awakening, but also as part of all your daily activities; for example, when you are practicing a sport, cooking, cleaning, working, singing, sharing with your family, listening to music, or simply relaxing or lying in bed.