Seeds for the Soul


Is it bad to aspire to wealth?

When happiness is centered around owning and having, people can easily end up where they never intended: living with a person they do not want, working at jobs they hate, living on the streets, hooked on drugs or on other vices, or locked up in jail for the rest of their lives, all because their obsession and thirst for more led them to commit crimes or in extreme cases, even to take their own lives.

I have seen the suffering of thousands around the world who when faced with a financial crisis look to end their lives, and everyday I watch people exhaust themselves emotionally for fear of losing the wealth and possessions they’ve managed to obtain.

This is all due to the fact that from childhood we are taught that having and owning material things is the ultimate goal, and that happiness lies in having, owning and impressing others with our possessions. This conditioning causes us to be easily deceived and to fall into the mental trap of believing that our self- worth lies in what we have, rather than in who we are.

I believe that you must have a balance in all aspects of life. You may have money and the benefits that it brings; what is important is that money does not become the thing that moves your world, your dreams and your goals because then when you don’t obtain it or when you lose it, you will suffer.