International Speaker


I love you... but I'm happy without you

How to live freely without fear or attachments.


Based on the best-seller of the same name, this programme is designed to awaken us from our state of unconsciousness. Many live asleep without knowing it, and see attachment as something natural until they understand that is created by the mind, feeds on fear and is responsible for most of our pain and suffering. Through creative visualization, meditation and loving service, participants will return to the depth of their interior, the only place where the world is experienced without fear, without attachment and where true love is understood, enabling them to find true and lasting peace.



  • 2-hour conference.
  • 4/8 hour workshop.
  • 2-day retreat.



  • Changes in the limiting beliefs that prevent definitive changes within the organisation.
  • Freedom from inner fears which prevent the expression of the maximum potential of human talent.
  • Feeling love as something that empowers people to love what they do and do what they love in their roles within the organisation.

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