Seeds for the Soul


How to stop being depressed?

The most important thing in this process is to concentrate on putting into practice the action plan described in I Love You…But I’m Happy Without You.

You must start exercising daily, which might just mean walking in a park for at least 30 minutes a day, even if you don’t feel like it and are depressed. This will immediately fill you with energy. Try to go out early, remember that between 4 and 6am is when your energy is strongest. Start meditating as well; I have a meditation CD that you can start listening to every morning. It is approximately 30 minutes long and is called Back to Basics - Meditation. It applies the technique of creative visualisation every day, and although you feel sad, begin to feel that you are smiling, happy, calm.

You must do this as many times as possible each day. This is fully explained in the chapter on creative visualisation. You must start to identify your negative thoughts; these are generally repetitive and negative. Identify them and replace them immediately with previously prepared positive ones. Begin to carry out acts of unconditional love, like smiling at a child in the street, giving bread and hot chocolate, or helping those close to you. Follow this plan for 21 consecutive days and you will see the results.