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How to overcome the grief of losing a loved one?

On the 10th of February, the day when my mother left us forever, my heart withered and my spirit shook; I was totally surprised and could not understand how from one moment to the next someone so full of vitality and joy as her could suddenly disappear. I experienced a series of conflicting feelings, of pain and happiness and infinite sadness, seeing how such a wonderful being full of light and love had been reduced to ashes, leaving the air impregnated with present absence and the scent of unconditional love for others.

A woman who left a great impact in my heart, not for her youthful looks of which she was so proud, but for everything that that means as a human being. Words do not exist to describe my mother, who was an inexhaustible source of love and who, full of positivity, always dreamed of making a better world for everyone who crossed her path, whether those close to her or total strangers in need of help. In the unforgettable moment when I was leaving the church with my father, holding in my arms the ashes to which she had been reduced, amongst the ovation and applause that those present gave our departed angel I saw that the mark she had left in so many hearts would remain unchanged and would make her immortal, because in our memories her legacy of unconditional love will always be alive. Today, although only her ashes are left on this earth, her spirit will live on and shine more than ever in my heart and the hearts of those who loved her. So every time that I look toward the sky and see a star, I imagine that she is illuminating me with her light and I remember that I must be happy because she is with God, enjoying what she nurtured when on Earth.

During the two weeks since my mother left us I have felt an indescribable emptiness and recalled many beautiful moments, but I have also reflected deeply because only two years ago I wrote my book I Love You… But I’m Happy Without You, which she read attentively and discussed with me at length. Having lived through the pain of seeing a loved one leave us, I feel that I am putting into practice all my thoughts on this issue, and today more than ever I can say that we must enjoy to the full the part of our journey which we share with our loved ones.

Following this intense experience, I advise you that if you have lost a loved one you always have two options for coming to terms with the loss, and it is down to you which path you take:

On the other hand, if you become aware and understand that whether you like it or not, your loved one will no longer be with you, humbly accepting the fact that you don’t have the power to control or manipulate events outside yourself, you will avoid suffering and come to realize that everything passes, and everything flows.