Seeds for the Soul


How to keep going after an accident?

Since I was small I have been fascinated by any sport practiced in the air or in water, and as a result every time the opportunity presents itself during my travels, I take time to indulge this passion. However, I never imagined that one magical day in June, this fascination for flying would give me a great lesson in life.

I still remember those moments of fullness, flying free like the wind, appreciating the beauty of the contrasting colours, the blues of the sea against the greens of the mountains, enjoying an indescribable peace which one only feels when in total communion with nature. In a perfect moment like this, when you are in total harmony in body, mind and spirit, and when you feel more alive that ever, the last thing you imagine is that it could all be destroyed, could collapse, and that from one moment to another, you might meet death face to face.

During my pleasurable paragliding flight, a high voltage cable suddenly appeared before my eyes. As I tried to avoid it I lost control of the paraglider, and a strong tail wind lifted me up and slammed me against a tree, where I became stuck with my head in the Y formed by its branches. The speed and inertia of the impact threw me backwards in a somersault so that I ended up strangled and hanging in the tree for over 5 minutes while the others who were flying with me came to my aid.

At that moment, totally terrified, after a great effort, they were able to get me down alive from the tree and they took me to the nearest hospital, where I was thoroughly examined, but the doctors found nothing abnormal and I was discharged. However, after the impact a series of episodes began, and over time my situation became much more delicate until two days later I lost my faculties of speech and vision, eventually showing a cerebral aphasia. What no one knew then was that inside my head a haematoma, an aneurism and an epidural haemorrhage were forming. I was taken to hospital where underwent several operations.

It is in such a moment of uncertainty that thousands of unconscious and repetitive negative thoughts of anguish and anxiety fire off in your mind; the frightening reality that one lives in such moments is so blinding that it clouds both reason and understanding; it is a moment in which you feel so empty and fragile that you lower your head, and the only thing left is to put yourself in God’s hands and simply let things flow.

Everything is organised within a divine plan, and I think that in the plan that God has for me, my mission has not reached its end, and for this reason, in that moment when death flirted with me and held me in her arms, I was able to slip away and return to life. I believe that what happened to me is another signal, added to all those I have received during my 54 years, that will inspire me to carry out the new mission that God has traced for me.

After I left intensive care, an exile during which I was reduced to a limited existence, and believing that I was close to a long-awaited recovery, I began to feel with great sorrow how a series of small and unexpected catastrophes started to shape my ego. I saw how, one by one, my mental, motor and sensorial faculties began to fade and deteriorate. Utterly disconcerted, without being able to do anything, little by little I lost my short-term memory, my senses of smell, taste, and touch, my vision became blurry (full of lines that refracted in a multi-coloured spectrum), and the excruciating pain in my neck got more intense day by day.

During this process, the love that I have received from all those dear to me and from every person who for any reason has made contact with me, the prayers that they have so fervently said for me, the meditation and the creative visualisation that have accompanied me in every instant, have been my healing balsam and have turned my pain into hope, joy and inner peace.

Today, almost three months after coming back to life, I still have not recovered my vision, taste, smell, touch or the sensitivity of my body, but thanks to God, I have not lost the taste for life nor the sensitivity that is born of the heart.

I have always firmly believed that we all have two options and the free will to consciously choose which to follow: on the one hand, we can stubbornly refuse to accept has happened to us, to see our situation as a divine punishment, to fill ourselves with fear, anguish, guilt and desperation, concentrating all our energy in what we are suffering, in illness or loss, and as a consequence draw these things into our lives and make things more difficult. On the other hand we can choose consciously, accept and understand that what happens to us, more than an obstacle, is a step in out path which we must use to climb and grow.  This is why it is so important to concentrate all our energy inwards to visualise ourselves healthy, leaving aside the role of victims, giving thanks for and appreciating all the good things that we have, and channelling all our energy, our faith, passion and love, so that we may find the light at the end of the tunnel and thus, amidst all the uncertainty, stay calm. We must be like the lotus flower that remains still on the surface of turbulent waters, only taking from the water what it needs to grow and never sinking.

Why must we wait until death is near to become conscious and start to live? Today is your great day, open your wings of imagination and creativity, and without worrying about your emotional or physical state let them carry you, offer no resistance.