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How to help my son victim of bullying?

You must start to improve your communication with your son, listening to him in silence and without interrupting, without prejudice, without judging; simply listening attentively and lovingly. While you listen, don’t give opinions or advice, don’t get irritated; when you are truly listening you descend to your child or loved one’s heart and you may inspire and help them to start their own process of internal transformation and awakening.

Counsel him indirectly using stories from your childhood, telling him how you resolved problems or using examples of situations that you heard happened to other children, with stories, etc. In this way the child will probably tell you what they are experiencing. You should also talk to their tutor and ask them to be vigilant of the child at school, especially at break and lunch times, for example.

Buy my book Back to Basics and there you will find many ideas that will help you to guide him and help him become stronger. My stories always teach readers that we have two options in life, and that it is down to us to learn how to make the right decision, and to not let ourselves be influenced by what others say. Look most closely at the chapters on thoughts and judgement. There is also a complementary CD, and the idea is that your son should listen to it for at least 21 consecutive days, at night, preferably with headphones. It doesn’t matter if he falls asleep, because it has neuro-subliminal programming and a quadriaural system.