Seeds for the Soul


How to handle my loneliness?

We are all completely individual, authentic and unique beings. Yet, we are surrounded by people who are temporarily in our lives, according to the stage of life we are in, but the truth is that solitude is our true nature. However, we are not conscious of this because since childhood we have been taught that in order to feel good we should not be alone, but accompanied by someone or something. For this reason, when we were alone, they looked for ways to keep us busy or entertained with external things, such as the company of a teddy bear at night, a television, a radio, a story book, a toy

We create a great barrier between our inner being and the outside world, and we stubbornly try to fill the internal void with external things or persons. But the truth is that the more we try to fill our emptiness with external things, the more our dissatisfaction, anguish and fear of solitude will continue to grow. 

Wether you believe it or not, solitude is your faithful friend, but it can also turn against you when you are not loyal to it, when you attempt to replace all the infinite peace it can provide with the noisy and mundane pleasures of the outside world. Solitude becomes your enemy when you are not happy with your inner being.

If, starting today, you become aware of the power that lies inside of you, and through silence and meditation you allow yourself to be embraced by solitude, you will be able to immerse yourself in it and enjoy it fully. At that moment, in that place that you thought was dark, black and depressing, you will find light; you will find God’s love.