Seeds for the Soul


How to forgive others?

Identify the root of that pain where resentment lies. Detect in what part of your body the feeling of oppression is located. Recall the last time you were offended or attacked and try to identify why and how it happened. Determine if it was also your fault, or if you reacted in a conditioned way only because that person did not do what you wanted.

Look for a quiet and cozy place, surrounded by nature if possible. Slowly observe all the wonderful things God has given you, relax and take a deep breath; do it several times, inhaling and exhaling slowly, with your eyes closed.

Ask God, who is inside you and Who is pure love, to illuminate you and all those beings who are wrong and who live in obscurity and darkness with His light. But don’t regard them as miserable or mean, but on the contrary, pray and meditate asking God to bless them with His loving understanding and compassion.

Think with humility that you also make mistakes and that in one way or another you have inflicted suffering on other people, either by action or by omission. Soon you will notice that if you do this continually during several days, you will begin to remember the moments and the people without resentment or bitterness. Doing it you will start your real forgiving process.

Try to put yourself in other people’s place. Look at the situation from their point of view. By doing so, your ideas, thoughts and emotions will change, as well as your perception of reality.

Try to find a way of freeing others from blame. Look at them as persons who perhaps were full of fear, rage, pain, stress, or maybe under the effects of alcohol, drugs, etc. Once you have found a justification for such an attitude, learn that, faced with an aggression, the parties involved always have their own different motives to act and react as they do.

Love, cherish and value yourself. Experience the presence of God in your heart; feel that He loves you and return love to those who attack you. Pray as if everything depended on God and act as if everything depended on you.