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How to control my negative thoughts?

 “For a thought to be able to change and transform your inner world, there is one essential requirement: you must allow yourself to feel it.”

Thousands of thoughts pass through your brain every day, most of them repetitive and unconscious, and to make matters worse, negative, since they are contaminated by ideas based on fear. These thoughts generally flow at a normal rate, but any hurtful external event can trigger and intensify them, causing the thoughts to revolve around the same problem day and night. This causes you to wear out physically, mentally and spiritually.

The moment you engage in a negative thought, feelings will begin to emerge, and once you feel them, your inner world will be altered and disturbed. For this reason it is important for you to become aware of the thoughts that go through your head, because this way you will quickly be able to identify those that make you feel sad, anxious or angry. If you allow these thoughts to run wild and out of control, they will take over your mind. If you do not transform or replace them, these thoughts will have a direct impact on your feelings and emotions.

Because you have so many thoughts inside your head coming from different sources, it can be difficult to pinpoint the ones that are making you feel bad. Therefore, the easiest way to identify your thoughts is by observing your emotions; they guide you and help you see what you are attracting to your life.

Some emotions make us feel good (happiness, peace, hope, etc.), and others make us feel bad (sadness, guilt, anger, fear, etc.). When you lose something you are attached to, you will feel bad because these emotions are of the negative kind. At that moment your emotions will be guiding you and showing you that what you are thinking and feeling is in disagreement with what you truly want. This is a sign that you must change your way of thinking.

In order to change or replace a thought that causes you pain, you must first understand that it is painful because it is based on a false or wrong belief. The thought or feeling you are experiencing is inside of you; it is not based on reality or on what you are seeing around you. 

You have the power to choose and decide what to change in your life. Once you understand that these painful thoughts and feelings are based on a false belief, and you identify and replace them, you will then be able to determine the reality behind the thought so that you can consciously change it. Do not identify with this feeling because it does not belong to you. Do not believe that just because you are experiencing this feeling, it means this is your true nature. You are not that feeling. Think about the words you use carefully and do not say: “I am depressed; I am sad,” because that is exactly what you will attract to your life. Neither should you say: “I am not depressed; I am not sad” because the brain does not process the word ‘not’ and you will therefore attract depression and sadness to your life. You need to understand that you are neither the depression nor the sadness - they are simply emotional states you are experiencing at that moment. Instead, you must focus your attention on positive mental images. If what you want is to be cheerful, happy and calm, you must then fill your mind with vivid visual images that reflect these states.