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How not to feel alone if I lose my partner?

When we allow these fears to control us, our lives become a living hell, since jealousy, manipulation and emotional blackmail will then begin to run the relationship. This fear makes the person feel and experience vicious emotions, to lose control and to become obsessed to the point that he will even begin to imagine things that do not exist. You may repress these emotions, holding resentments and anger in your heart until one day your cup is full, It flows over, you are fed up and explode, not thinking about the consequences and without regard to where you are, or with whom. These emotions may turn into emotional blackmail or manipulation: the person can play the role of the victim in order to get the attention of the loved one by forever pointing out how much he or she has sacrificed and suffered for him or her.

Many people use clever tactics in order to manipulate and put pressure on their partners, such as taking away their economic support, ignoring them, not speaking to them, disappearing for long periods of time, making them believe that there is another person in their lives, shouting, screaming and throwing tantrums, using threats, or by abusing drugs or alcohol, which, in many cases, may even lead to physical violence.

You must not attach yourself to anything or anyone because this will only bring emptiness. This is the only reality you have. Often, this emptiness is so strong that it clouds your reasoning, forcing you to make rash and senseless decisions that are totally incoherent and lead you to do crazy things, such as choosing to be with the wrong person, or falling prey to alcohol, drugs, violence, or even worse, feeling that you no longer wish to engage in life, that you would rather die or commit suicide.