How to make your dreams come true?

Many of you probably don’t have a clear picture of your dreams, because they have stayed in the past and now you don’t remember them, because you don’t have great passions or because you have never taken the time to imagine and create. Others, however, are certain of what they like and are passionate about, and have clear dreams, but they simply haven’t known how to achieve them, or fail despite their best efforts.

Whatever your particular situation, I am going to give you a simple guide so that starting today you create an action plan and fill your life with joy and passion through your dreams, letting them flow freely, without becoming their slave and enjoying the process of achieving them.

1. Close your eyes and imagine everything that you are passionate about, that you like and love doing, and that you haven’t yet done. (With this you will build your dreams).

2. Make a list of everything that comes to you.

3. Sort this list into material, professional, social and spiritual aspirations.

4. Draw, blindfold, and with the hand you don’t normally use for writing, all your dreams in the same picture, until it becomes easy to visualise.

5. Uncover your eyes and carefully examine your drawing. Now with the hand you normally use, draw your dream again, colour and perfect it.

6. Close your eyes and hold this image against your forehead. Try to see all the picture’s details and when you open your eyes compare what you visualised with what you drew.

7. Stick this drawing in a place where you will see it every day.

8. Define what specific actions you will take in the short term to being to realise your dream.

9. From this moment on, tell everyone you can about your dream.

10. Have faith in God, in yourself and in your life project.

11. Concentrate all your energy in what you want to achieve, not in the negative things, obstacles or losses you currently face.

12. Release your dream, don’t cling to it, and enjoy every step on the road to achieving it.

13. Remember that there will always be ups and downs, but the important thing is that you get up again and with faith, passion and love continue the on beautiful path of life, enjoying the good things and learning from the bad things.