Hate: Mortal poison for humanity

Hate implacably destroys inner peace. It leads us to live in such depressing emotional states that we seek to satisfy our hate with vengeance, which is the possibility of seeing another person destroyed and suffering. The only thing that harbouring feelings of hate does is to fill us with tension, stress and pain, which little by little accumulate in the mind are both absorbed by the heart and somatised by the body. Hate is clinically categorised as one of the most efficient deadly toxin. So the question is: Why are we unable to let go of this poison? 

Let us take the wise decision to leave this noxious feeling aside, let us liberate ourselves with humility and let us ask God, with great faith, that he give us peace, compassion, goodness and understanding towards ourselves and others. In respect to this, the following tale is very apt.

The owner of a company shouted at the manager because at that moment he was angry. The manager went home and shouted at his wife, accusing her of overspending on seeing her with a new dress. The wife shouted at the maid because she broke a plate. The maid kicked the dog because it made her trip. The dog ran out and bit a woman in the street because she got in its way. The woman went to hospital to have a rabies vaccination and shouted at the young doctor because it hurt when he gave her the injection. The doctor arrived home and shouted at his mother because the food wasn’t just right. The mother stroked his hair saying: “My dear son, tomorrow I’ll make you your favourite meal. You work a lot, you’re tired and need a good night’s sleep. I’m going to change your sheets for some clean, sweet smelling ones so that you can totally relax. Tomorrow you’ll feel better.” Then she blessed him and went out, leaving him with his thoughts. At that moment the cycle of hate was interrupted, because it came up against tolerance, forgiveness and love.