Give routine a break

We are frequently filled with new ideas, plans and dreams, and we begin with great energy, but as time passes we fall once more into routine and mediocrity. Problems appear and we let them bring us down, and our lives become superficial anew as we worry more about having than about being.

Each one of us is the architect of our own destiny. We hold the power within us but we do not know how to use it, since Western education is limited to preparing us academically and transmitting values. It does not, however, teach us as Eastern education does to manage the mind and to awaken consciousness. It is clear to me that, more than adopting a positive attitude, to effect a real change in our lives we must become conscious; through this alone will we become authentic beings who may start to truly enjoy life. The more conscious you become the less fear, pain, jealously and resentment will exist in your life. 


I have seen thousands of people change instantly as they awake from their spiritual unconsciousness. There is no rule that tells us when this miracle of awakening will occur, but once it does and a person sees the light for the first time, their life will never be the same again.

If you want to make changes within you that give you strength and inspire you to make a profound change in your life, you must:

  • Look carefully to see if you have attained all the goals and dreams that you set yourself at the start of this year. If this is not the case then you must identify the true cause of your not having achieved them. Generally this is because you are accustomed to always acting in the same way, and this creates an unconscious habit which blocks you. When you identify this habit you must replace it with another, one that leads you to action and to real change.


  • Look, without self-deception, at whether you have invested your happiness in something or in someone. If this is so, identify the fears that you have of losing that source of pleasure. When you detect these fears you must face up to them and free yourself from them. Only then will you stop merely surviving and start to really live.
  • Starting from today, concentrate on what you want to achieve rather than the negative things that weaken you, that cause you pain and that make you suffer.
  • Look at where you want to go, at where you want to get to. When you look forward you will find light, while looking backwards you will only see your shadow.
  • Evaluate whether you love what you do, because if not your work will become a sacrifice.
  • Stop blindly going over the same things. Break with the routine and passivity that kill your passion for life.