Exercise for learning how to give

This exercise will be useful for letting go of all the material things that you have kept during several years with the thought that they helped you to live well. It will also make you aware of the importance of sharing with others, so that your spirit will grow and transcend. 

With this idea in mind, stop and go over all of your things, even those that you keep in trunks, boxes, the garage or a warehouse. Separate the things you definitely don’t use and pack them yourself. Choose the people that you want to benefit from your belongings, and as you give them away, share some time with them, listening, giving them your love; and feel the greatest pleasure in life, which is giving, much more than receiving. 

Remember that charity begins at home. Often, a smile, a telephone call, a short visit, a card or an invitation can give a little joy to a person in need, to the point of meaning everything at a given moment.