International Speaker


Educating in true love

Back to basics with family


Based on his 40 years' experience working with children and adolescents with different social problems, Papá Jaime developed practical and effective tools to address the most complex challenges that young people face today, such as substance abuse, suicide, co-dependency, social pressure, or bullying.


Interest groups:

Students, teachers and parents



Working with interest groups individually:

  • 2-hour conference.
  • 4/8-hour workshop.
  • 2-day retreat.


Working with interest groups in a single day:

  • Special 1-day programme.



  • See the various problems that young people face as a process to evolve consciousness, understanding that change starts within each of them.
  • Go through a process of understanding that will help them break free from whatever stops them changing, enabling them to set out on a new path that brings them harmony between body, mind and spirit.
  • Understand the importance of forgiving and healing wounds of the past, so as to begin new processes that improve interpersonal relationships.

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