Seeds for the Soul


How to quit my addiction to drugs?

The first thing that you must do is to make an action plan, through which you will have to develop your willpower and awareness.

Make a plan involving body, mind and spirit and follow it to the word for at least 40 days.


1. Fasting: Do a fast for 24 hours, drinking only water, to free your body from the toxins that have accumulated over the years and to exercise your willpower. Share the food you are not going to eat over those 24 hours with someone who is hungry and on the streets. Try to fast once every six months. If you have diabetes or use insulin, you should not fast, but you can reduce your food intake during that day.

2. Daily physical exercise: It is important that you begin a daily exercise routine, preferably at dawn. I recommend that the routine should be at least 40 minutes long. If you cannot do it in the morning, try to find a space during the day or in the evening.

Through the mind you can learn the art of self observation. To acquire it, on a daily basis you need to observe yourself and everything around you as much as possible as if things were happening to someone else.  Self observation will lead you to a conscious life. By being the designer and creator of your own destiny, you will be able to enjoy your life more fully. In order to do this you must have discipline and make self-observation a daily habit. Over the long term this will provide you with great satisfaction.

If you manage to incorporate self-observation into your life, you will be able to think consciously, speak consciously, and act consciously. This coherence between what you think, say and do will lead you to inner freedom. You will cease to live in a conditioned, programmed and mechanical way and begin to live in the splendor and magic of the love that flows naturally from your consciousness.


Creative visualization and meditation are the tools that will guide your development in this area, but what will really strengthen and help you evolve, grow and transcend is the loving service you do for others and everything around you, without expecting anything in return.

Regardless of the type of beliefs you have, in order to experience spirituality in a deep, authentic and simple manner, you must first turn the above tools into lifelong habits; this will give you the strength to allow the spirit to express itself freely and spontaneously through thoughts,words and actions.

In order to evolve along this path you must:

  • Use creative visualization every day as the main tool for changing your world and attracting to your life the things you desire.
  • Include meditation as an essential part of your daily activities in order to fully live your life without attachments.
  • Perform a daily act of love with the people who are around you or with persons who are suffering, without expecting anything in return.

To explore this topic you can consult the book I love you…but I’m happy without you.