Do you collect destructive thoughts?

When walking down the street at dawn you pay attention to what’s around you, you will notice the garbage and foul black trash bags full of rubbish. Now I ask you: ¿Would you pick up all the horrid trash bags that you come across, and keep them safely in your bedroom by your bed, and once your room was filled with them, would you continue to collect them in the living room, the dining room, the refrigerator and other spots in your house? What would you feel if, like sickening shadows, those bags would decorate your bedroom permanently? 

Would you do something to get rid of them, or would you say: “I’ll keep them because I still have more room, and even they smell awful and are rotting, they are mine and I’m not getting rid of them?” Soon you would get sick and weak because of the infection produced by such a terrible habit.

Then, why are you saving all those bags filled with destructive thoughts, resentments, and desires for vengeance, embarrassment and guilty feelings in the most sacred space that is your heart? Your mental and physical health are injured by holding on to those feelings; you get chronic depression, anguish, pain and resentment, as a result of all the garbage you decide to carry with you.

Today, open up the doors and let new fresh air come into your room; get rid of what is useless and open your heart to love, kindness, and humility to heal those wounds caused by the rubbish you carried with you for such a long time. Remember that everything comes to an end and that no emotion, act or anything else in this world is permanent. 

Just as garbage is recycled, cleaned and purified, you can do the same thing with the infinite flame of love. From now on those thoughts become renovating ideas inspired by love and aimed to serve others. Today, more than ever before you must remember that your vocation is not that of a garbage collector, so you must liberate yourself. Don’t be afraid to act.