Act and Serve


Brushstrokes of love

 “Just like a painter with a brush and a palette full of colours, you will be able to express and creatively capture on the walls of homes made of cardboard the love that lies in your heart”


It is a campaign of love directed by Papá Jaime for the last 10 years, the aim of which is to improve the quality of life of thousands of families in our beloved Colombia, with the participation of people who are prepared to open their hearts to others.

Through a call that goes out to the whole country, thousands of volunteers interested in helping others have joined this campaign to paint hovels and homes in marginal areas of Colombia’s cities. As well as bringing colour, the volunteers help families build life projects, according to the philosophy ‘don’t give them fish but teach them to fish’.

Be part of the solution, not the problem.

If you want to have an unforgettable experience of love for others and to feel your hearts vibrate with emotion and joy, we invite you to join our ‘Brushstrokes of Love’ campaign. All you need is a paintbrush and brightly coloured paint to transform homes made from poles of guadua, metal and wood. You can come alone or with your family, friends or colleagues from school, university or work. Papá Jaime will let you know in advance where the day’s activity will take place, and everyone goes in caravan to the chosen destination. Once there, you will form groups of 10 with other volunteers to paint one of the homes in the area at random and share the afternoon with whoever lives there.

Once the group is together, they will decide with the home’s owners how they will paint it. As they paint, they will interact with family members to ascertain what their most urgent needs are, and then as a group will decide what support is needed to improve their lives. You will certainly have a special experience that will make you appreciate your own home more than ever.