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USD$ 290

Stop carrying the baggage of fear and attachments. Everything you have experienced is part of your past; open your wings to change and dare to fly so high that the sky will seem small to you.

You will have a unique and unforgettable experience amongst nature, where you will connect with your interior and you will come to understand what is preventing you from being completely happy. This retreat will show you that attachment is not something natural you are born with, but is created by your mind, nourished by fear and is largely to blame for your pain and suffering.

For two days you will practice simple techniques that will have application in your daily life. These include self-observation to manage your thoughts and emotions, creative visualization, meditation, and loving service. These techniques will serve to awaken your conscience, to free you from the attachments that hurt you, to forgive and thus be able to return to your interior, where you will learn to experience the world without fear, understanding what true love is and finding true, lasting peace.

The price includes:

·       Two snacks per day.

·       Lunch for two days.

·       Materials.

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