Bio Papá Jaime


Jaime Jaramillo, "Papá Jaime", internationally known for his social work and his contribution to world peace, comes from Colombia. He is the creator of the Children of the Andes Foundation, which has worked for more than three decades in helping around 85,000 children who have lived in his country's streets and sewers, as well as Papá Jaime Leadership.

As a writer and speaker, his ideas draw significantly on Eastern wisdom applied to the accelerated life of the West. He believes that when people learn to live life as it comes, with serenity and joy, they find true happiness. He has travelled to many countries spreading his inspirational message of peace and love, as well as his philosophy of life, which provides guidance for human beings.

His messages also reach the world through his television and radio appearances and his newspaper and magazine articles.

His contribution to mankind means he is recognized by many as a social leader and spiritual teacher. This has made him worthy of international recognition and numerous awards, including the World Peace Prize, the 10 Leaders of the World and World Peace Ambassador.


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