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Back to Basics

Wake up to life


Based on PAPA JAIME's book of the same name, "Back to Basics" is an invitation to wake up to life and the present moment: it is a journey that participants undertake from the mind to the heart, inspired by the life experience of people and children who achieved real transformation and are now living examples. Those who go through this experience are deeply touched and driven to take action. They become hubs of leadership within their community, company or environment.

Papá Jaime's experience working with thousands of human beings in the transformation of being for more than 40 years is implemented in this experience which leads participants to rediscover their inner strength to lead themselves, grow, transcend and leave a mark. After this they are able to inspire, lead others and work efficiently and creatively in a team to achieve the company's goals.


  • 2-hour conference
  • 4-hour workshop

Back to basics is adapted to each company's specific requirements.



  • Promote the process of self-leadership to inspire and lead others.
  • Know how to identify negative thoughts and emotions, and understand their proper management.
  • Reduce stress and fear which affect their family and job performance.
  • Value and appreciate every moment of life, grateful for what it gives them.
  • Reflect on giving a new sense and meaning to their lives.
  • Learn to love what they do and do what they love, which leads them to experience a sense of gratitude and belonging to the company.
  • Improve interpersonal relationships, leading to a better organisational climate.
  • Awaken the inner magician who has been asleep, inspiring them to action.
  • Catalyse their dreams and set clear goals to pursue life projects which make them happy.
  • Be inspired to serve from the heart and give selflessly.

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