Appreciate the small things of life

Do not let the opportunity to value the small and simple things in life pass you by, because tomorrow it might be too late to understand that those small, simple things were the greatest, and that you may have lost them.

To limit oneself to merely existing is to deny oneself the opportunity of truly living. Do not waste your time in a relationship that weakens your spirit, in a job that you cannot stand, or in an activity in which you are not engaged. Search tirelessly for your mission in life and when you encounter it, fulfil it faithfully. 

The important thing in life is what we do with our personal attributes. What good is it to have all the knowledge in the world, if we do not posses the wisdom to apply it not only for our own benefit, but for the benefit of others?

Life is too precious to be lived in a permanent state of mediocrity, pain, fear or confusion. I firmly believe that our destiny is to lead a life full of love, peace, happiness, health and prosperity. Only when we choose what we really want to be will we have the opportunity, thanks to the strength of our resolve, to make dreams reality. We do not have the power to control things outside ourselves, but we do have the power to control what we carry inside.