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CD I love you... but I'm happy without you

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When a loved one dies because they made the decision to take their own life, apart from the normal grief you must have, you will also have many mixed feelings because you believe that if you had acted differently, you could have changed this situation. For that reason, what you should examine most profoundly is guilt, because otherwise your life will become a hell. What happened, no matter how much you cry, suffer and you torture yourself, will not change, so in order to release that loved one who is no longer in this world, begin to go deeper to your interior and make an action plan, whereby you begin to self-observe your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Begin to implement meditation daily in your life, ask God to guide your path and from this moment begin to carry that loved one in your heart. The meditation CD will be of great help to you, so that you may begin on the path of meditation.